Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an Auto Title Loan?

It’s a loan which uses the equity in your car as security. All you need is a lien free car and you can apply to receive a loan calculated on the value of the vehicle.

What does a “lien free” title mean?

Put simply, it means that you own the car outright. This means that you’ve already paid off any original loans used to buy the car, and haven’t taken out any new loans using the car as collateral.

Why come to DomainName?

We’re title loan specialists with extremely competitive rates. We’re dedicated to making your experience with borrowing as painless as possible, and are committed to providing you with the best possible service during the course of our association.

What’s involved in the title loan process?

We gather information about you and your vehicle then determine what amount of loan we can offer you. Then we negotiate repayment terms and collect documentation. After verifying all the information on your documents we transfer your funds electronically.

What pieces of information do I need?

We need to know that you are an adult (18 or older in most states), own a lien free car, have a driver’s license, and auto insurance. We require proof of insurance, and also need to know if you are active duty military or a member of the reserves.

Can I still qualify for a title loan with bad credit?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that in some cases we are required to make a credit check. Generally speaking, the results of this check will not exclude you from receiving a title loan. Check checks themselves can, however, have a minor impact on your score.

Can I be approved for a title loan if the car isn’t in my name?

Yes, this is an absolute requirement. If you are tying to get a title loan for a car that you possess but have not officially had signed over to you, that must happen before we can process your request. In the case of autos with multiple owners, you will need to consult us during the request process in order to determine what information (if any) we require from your co-owner.

Does my employment status factor into my chances of getting a loan?

Your income matters to your request, but the source of that income does not. Current employment is not required, as such.

If I am disabled or retired can I get a title loan?

Yes. We are concerned with your ability to repay your loan, not where that money comes from. A Social Security check is just as much of a source of income as a work-a-day job.

How can I be sure I’m going to be approved for a title loan?

We can’t guarantee that you will be approved before looking at your loan request, but we can say that if you have a reasonable amount of equity in your car (read that as it’s not ancient), own it outright, and have a source of income, your chances are excellent.

How much money can I borrow?

We approve loans in amounts which range from $2,500 to $50,000. The exact amount you can borrow depends on your car’s value and your ability to repay the loan. (Your income.)

Does it take long to get approval?

Not at all. We try to get back to you in fifteen minutes. Hashing out the details and completing the process takes longer, of course, but we do our best to give you an answer immediately.

How can I get my title back?

Simply repay the loan according to the schedule we negotiate with you and when the final payment is made, we return the title to you.

Why is a loans from DomainName a good idea?

Being able to circumvent credit scores and gain a loan is extremely valuable for many people. Using the value of your vehicle you can secure a loan you otherwise would never be granted. And there’s no requirement to actually give up the vehicle. You simply allow us to place a lien on the title.

Aren’t title loan interest rates high?

While the interest rates on our loan products are higher than more traditional loans, we don’t place emphasis on good credit. In addition, the rates charged for title loans vary widely across the industry, and we work to ensure that ours are low.

Is my private information protected?

Absolutely. We don’t reveal any details about our clients. We don’t sell your contact info. We keep your personal business between us.

How can I make payments?

We offer a range of repayment schedules and accept a variety of payment types. The details are worked out with one of our agents during the request process, and they’ll help you determine the right options to suit your specific situation.

Are there any penalties for early repayment?

No. We want our customers to pay off their loans. If that means they pay us back in six months and not twelve, we’re happy to release the title back to them half a year early.

Who runs this site?

DomainName is the owner and operator of and they also provide all the loan products available, meaning you’re cutting out the middleman when you do business here.

How Do I Get Started?

It all starts with our simple form. Fill it out and you’ll know within minutes if you’re approved!